AUTO ROLL OVER functionality of Roles/KRAs in CDS for FY 2021-22 is rolled out. Please check your assigned roles. If yet to be assigned, contact Reporting Authority.  Retired employees engaged in contract basis are requested to declare their IDF under pension PF ID.  Gross income of salary /remuneration and pension have been clubbed for pensioners/ active employees who have been re-engaged by the Bank. Income tax liability has been calculated on aggregate total income by considering standard deduction and IDF declared under Pension PF ID for pensioners and current PF ID for active employees.  Kindly Download latest version of myHRMS 4.1.0 from Playstore  SEBI restricted transfer of shares held in Physical form w.e.f.1.4.2019.Please demat your SBI physical shares to avoid risk. For query, please send e-mail to or  Use the forget password link on the login page to reset your password.   Please Demat your SBI shares immediately to avoid risk , if not already done. For any query, please send mail to  Validated Aadhaar numbers have been updated from CBS to HRMS. Life Certificate can be submitted through Jeevan Pramaan.  Pensioners may submit Life Certificate through HRMS at Branch or they can submit through Jeevan Pramaan provided Aadhaar Number is registered in HRMS.  Important Message For Visually Impaired Employees (Click here for details). 

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Important Messages for Controllers

1. While keying in /approving the Salary account of newly joined employees (other than Contractual) in HRMS please ensure that the salary account of the employee is under Staff category in CBS with PF number incorporated in CIF.

2. Please ensure that correct PAN of all staff members is present in HRMS.

Important Messages for Employees

1. Drive Home Loan Conversions through YONO & Get recognized !

2. Please remain careful and diligent while entering/modifying data/transactions/information in Core Banking Solution (CBS) etc.

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